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How to grant access to Firebase Cloud Messaging (v1 API)
How to grant access to Firebase Cloud Messaging (v1 API)
Written by Kirill Slobodianiuk
Updated over a week ago

Create service account

  1. Go to your Google Firebase Console, open a project you want to integrate

  2. Navigate to Project OverviewProject Settings

  3. Go to Service accountsManage service account permissions

  4. Click onCreate service account

  5. Fill in Service account ID field, click on Create and continue

  6. Click on + ADD ROLE

  7. Find and select Firebase Cloud Messaging API Admin role, press CONTINUE

  8. Third step “Grant users access to this service account” is optional. You may press DONE

Create and share service account JSON key

  1. Find your new service account, click on on the right side and select Manage keys

  2. Click on ADD KEYCreate new key

  3. Choose JSON and press CREATE

  4. Copy the contents of the JSON file and send to Customer Support of nGrow

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