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One time segment guide
One time segment guide
Written by Kirill Slobodianiuk
Updated over a week ago

1. Go to console and choose the app.

2. Press the "+ Segment" button and choose "one time segment"

3. Name your segment

4. Add filters you need so your segment will work

5. Set time and date when the one time push will be sent.

By default, the time is specified in the UTC, but you can also set the time in a users local time zone by just pressing this box

6. After you configuring the segment - click the "Next step" button

You will see this window next

7. Here you need to fill required fields such as language, title and body

8. After these fields was filled you need to click the "Add" button

If you want to add more languages, you just need to change the language option right here

Then you need to click the "Add" button again, so an additional language will be added

9. The next block is optional but here you can add an optional data such as deeplink, picture link and custom data

As soon as all fields required for you have been filled, make sure that silent notification toggle is turned off, so the user will receive the push

In case if you want to send push to the control group - turn this toggle on

10. The last part will be just press the "Send" button and our one time segment is set up successfully

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