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Pictures guidelines
Pictures guidelines
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General Guidelines

File Format: Use PNG or JPEG files.

Size: Ensure a width of at least 300px and a height of at least 200px. Refrain from using images wider than 2000 pixels and larger than 1MB in size.

Aspect Ratio: No strict format is required. We suggest using landscape images with a 2:1 ratio (e.g., 1000x500px), but the choice is yours.

Composition: Place crucial information or the featured product in the center of the image or as far from the borders as possible.

iOS Guidelines

Max File Size: 10MB for image attachments.

Max Dimensions: 1038 x 1038 pixels. iOS automatically scales images, but if the height exceeds 1038 pixels, it will downscale and apply padding to create a square. To avoid this, use a maximum width of 1038 pixels and a height less than 1038 pixels.

Orientation: Landscape or portrait orientation can be used. However, portrait images might appear too tall, so we recommend using landscape orientation.

Android Guidelines

Size Limit: Android has no size limit for images in rich notifications since it automatically adjusts the dimensions to match or exceed the device view.

Aspect Ratio: Google recommends using an image with an aspect ratio close to 2:1.

Orientation: Landscape orientation is suggested, as some devices may crop the image. To prevent important information from being cropped, keep the content in the center of the image and away from the edges.

Recommended Dimensions: Based on common Android device resolutions (in pixels), we suggest the following sizes: Small – 512 x 256 Medium – 1024 x 512 Large – 2048 x 1024

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