[Firebase] Grant access to BigQuery
Written by Kirill Slobodianiuk
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  1. Go to your Google Cloud Console, navigate to the IAM & Admin section

  2. On the left menu, navigate to the Service Accounts section. After that, press Create Service Account in the top panel.

3. Set the Service account name field. Set any name you want. The Service account ID field would be completed automatically. Optionally, set the Service account description field, if you want.

Press the Create And Continue button.

4. Add BigQuery User and BigQuery Data Viewer roles in this step. Leave the IAM condition fields untouched. After that, press the Continue button.

5. In the last step, you can press DONE button straight away

6. Locate the account you've just created, press the three dots -> Manage keys

7. Press Add Key -> Create new key, than JSON -> Create

8. This is it -- copy the contents of the JSON file to the input box on onboarding.

⚠️ If you have several applications in one BQ project, then you need to find the stream_id for each application and send it to our support team.

You may find stream_id for each application:

  1. Go to Google Analytics, select the project that matches your Firebase project.

  2. Go to Settings -> Account Settings -> Data Streams

3. And you will see the stream_id of each application

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