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Embedding Firebase + Amplitude(Android)
Embedding Firebase + Amplitude(Android)
Written by Kirill Slobodianiuk
Updated over a week ago

Firebase (Notification Service)

  1. Make sure that you’ve implemented Firebase Cloud Messaging SDK according to this instruction.

  2. Pay your attention to the first two paragraphs of this part of the instruction. The third paragraph is optional.

Amplitude (Integrate Analytics)

  1. There are 2 ways to send a push_token to Amplitude: via event + event_property, or via user_property:

    1. [Recommended]. Implement setting a user_property push_token using the identify method

    2. Implement sending events in Amplitude: you need to send a push_token event with an event property push_token, in which the device token from Firebase is passed.

  2. We strongly recommend triggering the push_token event logging on EVERY app start.

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